Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Know You're in Berlin When...

Today, our group decided to find out what makes Berlin unique by asking both locals and visitors, "You Know You're in Berlin When..."

We filmed from the center of the Hackescher Markt in East Berlin and have to admit the process got to be a little bit more difficult than we anticipated.

The area wasn't extremely packed with people like we thought it would be but we managed to find between 9 to 10 people to stop by our set and give us their insight while in the city. 

For nearly an hour and a half, the four of us all dealt with people telling us they were too busy, not interested or simply just kept walking away. 

It honestly did get very frustrating, especially since we are in a foreign country where the social culture is different from the United States.

We knew we would have to approach strangers on the street but after getting rejected so many times, we all got too nervous at times and would back out on asking a passerby to talk to us. 

However, despite the many rejections and frustrations we faced along the way, we got the opportunity  to hear from people with different stories including a retired school teacher, a seasoned international traveler and a young German woman. 

This gave us a chance to show how this historical German city is a melting pot of people, their cultures and their experiences. 

I could write about what we heard from our interviews. 

But I think it might be better if we show you in our video here:

If we learned anything from putting together this video, it is, for one, to not be afraid to take a chance even if it doesn't work out. Because many people were punctual in their responses, I think we found it harder for us to try because of our fear of rejection. 

And with that we also learned that even if we got rejected, we had to pick ourselves up and move on. 

And with a little bit of time, patience and flexibility, we put together a final product to represent just a small piece of Berlin. 

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