Friday, May 9, 2014

Eating Through Germany

We've only been in Germany for just about one week and what a trip it has been!  We have tried so many new things so far.  I was extremely excited to come back to Germany.  I had also gone to study abroad in Germany last year for my May Term as well so it has been interesting to see the differences and similarities of the different parts of Europe and the country.

One of the aspects about traveling that I was the most excited for and that has been the most fun has been the food. For the first week while we were in Berlin it was up to us to decide where to go for lunches and then we would go to somewhere for supper as a group.  Although we are in Germany, we have had Mexican, Indian, American, Sushi, and of course - German food.  I think my favorite has been the German food spätzle, which is like a small noodle or dumpling.

We have been doing lots of work though too on our trip!  We were assigned to do a video about a person or place in Germany.  Our group ended up getting a really good story that just happened to be something completely different that what we had planned, but the best ones usually are!

Here is a picture of Ashley and Mike shooting a stand-up to use in the story

The full story about our video can be found on this blog as well!

Studying abroad has been an amazing experience, to meet new people, see new places, try new experiences, and to get to everyone from our own college as well.

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