Thursday, May 8, 2014


First off I would like to say I feel blessed to have had this opportunity and this trip has been a lot of fun, and we still have two weeks left.

So last Friday we departed for Germany and some odd 20 hours later we arrived in Berlin.

Right away we went exploring as there was much to see.
On our street was so amazing looking building including a Jewish

All the scenery and architecture was very beautiful.

And it's everywhere, there is also a different pace here in Germany.

To me it just seemed like everyone was so relaxed, by that I mean the Germans.

For the first third of our trip we were put into groups and had two projects we had to do. Our first one was on the Berliner Dome which is the biggest cathedral in Berlin. You can view our video on YouTube wccommarts is the account name to look for. Key words are Passport to Germany.
Our second project was Man on the Street. We interviewed people and asked the question, "Describe your Berlin". That video can also be viewed on YouTube. We have another project due later.

The food in Germany has been amazing, I've been trying all different kinds. From curry wurst, sausage, sushi, Indian food, panini, and more. And the service at all the restaurants has been outstanding.

We have had a pretty packed schedule. We have been on a tour about the town, we went to the Bauhous Museum, we toured Deutsh Welle a television station, a concentration camp, Palast Berlin which is Europe's show palace and they have the biggest stage in the world, and we also did a bar crawl.

All this has been so much fun, and it really opens your mind. You obviously know Germany will be different when you come, and to see how everything is different/similar has been some of my best memories so far.

Some things that I have really noticed is all the graffiti, it's hard to miss and it's everywhere. The people here also drive crazy, but seem to not get into accidents.  The most difficult part of the trip has been trying to find our way around, however once you get the hang of it is quite easy.

I can't wait for the rest of the trip, tomorrow we head to Bonn and I will have more to share. Until then enjoy some pictures.

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