Sunday, May 18, 2014

Trains, Castles, and Keys

One of the most fun parts of this trip to Germany for me has been seeing the countryside.  We rode a train from Bonn to Eisenach, which was about a three hour ride.  On the way there, we got to see a lot of small little towns along the way.  We saw what looked like it could be grape vines growing down the steep hillsides.  It was very hilly and also went along the same path of a big river.  It reminded me of Minnesota or the Iowa town Garnavillo. 

Yesterday was also an incredible experience to see the Wartburg Castle.  I have been there before once, so I knew what to expect but it was still very much fun for the second time.  The Wartburg Choir performed in a music hall and they all did an amazing job with their songs.  Seeing them perform really brought the Castle to life.  Our group filmed the entire performance as well.  Normally for filming an event with three cameras like we did, we would have headsets and would communicate with each other through them what camera shots to get and who was “live” at the time.  We were not able to bring all that technology with us so had to improvise with hand signals.  The system was impressive anyway and worked pretty well! 

Another part of the trip that was really exciting to see was the Love Lock Bridge.  Couples will buy a padlock, make an inscription, lock it to a part on the bridge and then throw the key in the river.

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