Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lovin' around the world

One of the things I was most looking forward to during this trip was our time in Cologne, and no it was not just because I love Kulsh; I was excited because of the locks on the bridge behind the Cologne Cathedral on the river Rheine.

You may think it is odd that I was excited to see the locks but if you were there in person, you would experience their beauty for yourself.

Called love locks, couples from all over the world attach a padlock or any kind of lock to the bridge and if there is a key, many throw it into the river because it is supposed to symbolize that you will be together always. That alone is what I find most powerful. I also find it remarkable how many couples want to leave something behind even when they have moved on (from the area).

The locks began in Paris on the river Seine and gradually started showing up all over Europe. On the bridge in Cologne alone, there are thousands.

For this class we were originally supposed to make individual videos on something from Germany that we wanted to highlight. I went into this trip thinking that it would be the perfect project.

Fast forward to when we were on the bridge, I begin taking pictures and then the rain comes. Because I couldn't risk ruining the camera, I had to give up the idea, but in a way I am glad because there is no way to do the beauty of the locks justice.

If you ever get the chance to see these locks in person or want to leave one, do it. It isn't everyday that people get the chance to say that they have physically left their mark on a place.

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