Saturday, May 24, 2014

Berlin in Living Pictures

One of the most striking things about Germany is the absolute beauty of everything. Because of it’s much longer history, the country has architecture that is incredibly aged and beautifully radiant. Coming from the United States, it’s hard to imagine how truly storied this country is; fantastic buildings and welcoming cobblestone line every street.

To illustrate how visually awe-inspiring this country is, I created a bit of a living slideshow of Berlin. The idea is that this will give an even better idea of the atmosphere than still pictures will. The rhythm and movement of the city is part of what sets it apart from life in the States. Perhaps seeing the city as it lackadaisically piddles through everyday life will further show exactly how it feels to be in a city where eating lunch is an hour plus ordeal.

Please note that I focus on Berlin in this video, but the exquisite beauty seen here is echoed throughout the county. I was similarly awe-struck with Köln, Bonn, and Eisenach. The houses all seem unknowingly connected, with most hatted with the customary slanted roof and large, pronounced, slotted tile rows.

Part of me is glad I get to be a visitor to this place because I know I’ll never fail to appreciate the beauty around me. To be thrust into a world with such a swallowing scenery is an amazing feeling, as your senses are able to grab onto all the splendor around you. To be in such a captivating world is truly a treat, and I’m thankful for that experience. Hopefully this project helped to illustrate what I mean.

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