Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back Home

We are back in Iowa and although I am probably the same as about every other single college senior in that I am usually tired all the time, it has been difficult to get used to the time change!  Iowa is about seven hours behind what we were in Germany.

One of the biggest differences from Germany to Iowa was the use of everyone's cell phones.  We were not able to use our phones besides in the evenings when we would have Wi-Fi at the hotel where we were staying.  It did make things difficult at times when we would need to communicate with another group but were not able to, which meant we had to plan ahead carefully.  However, everyone was able to talk to each other instead of looking at their phones during the day.  I realized how much I rely on my phone and how much I use it when I was not able to use it in Germany.  We were able to see so many things and experience it with each other, in real time and not through the screen of an electronic device.

We were able to use our phones though when we got back to the United States of course, which was nice because we had a flight that got cancelled.  We only had to stay for about 8 hours at the airport but it felt like a very long time.  We got to fly back to Des Moines from Newark, New Jersey at night which was really pretty to see.  Photo: Flying over Newark

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