Thursday, May 22, 2014

The people you meet

One full day back from Germany and I have been able to do a bit of reflection. Well, as much reflection as my sleep deprived mind would allow. Watching my Facebook news feed clog with all the pictures of not just my Advanced Broadcasting class's photos, but all the returning Wartburg students, I felt a tidal wave of happiness rush over me.

As I browsed/Facebook stalked all the pictures from the Costa Rica trip, the Wartburg Choir tour and our Germany trip, I notices a common thread lining all. Smiles, hugs, and happy faces. It was like a toothpaste commercial. It was then I realized that when traveling, the places we see aren't as important as the people we see them with. I can honestly attest to this as I strongly believe we took more group selfies than pictures of historical places. 

I cherish the memories our class created during our fantastic group dinners, running to the train, or any other time. We danced, ate (food was a great bonding element on this trip), laughed and worked together for 18 days straight. Those are the memories and pictures I care about more than any old statue or building.  

So, when my mom asks why I didn't get more pictures of the Brandenburg Gate, I will simply pull out the many, many group selfies that were taken during the trip and say, "Look at these, Mom. These are the important pictures."

None of this would have been possible without the assistance of our professors, Travis and Penni. Thank you for helping your students make these memories and being part of them yourselves.

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