Saturday, May 24, 2014

Outdoor Library

So there we were. Our class was on a walking photography tour of Berlin and we come unto a clearing among the buildings. And lo, before us, in a crack of this bustling city stood an outdoor library filled with people taking a pause from their busy lives to simply read a book.

Now if you're not sure what an outdoor library consists of, have no fear; pictures are provided. But it truly is what it may sound like it is. A couple constructs of book shelfs and many, many comfy cushion chairs organized in a haphazard fashion.

There was no pattern to who was reading in the library. The ages ranged from children to retirees. All races we represented. Truly the only pattern to be found in the crowd was that everyone there found a hole in their day and were able to fill it by reading a book.

Now, I'm not sure there's a huge moral to this story. It not a cultural parallel or a deeper look into a monument or a social commentary. I just think that reading a good book in a beautiful city is pretty neat.

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