Thursday, May 22, 2014

When in Germany

Olivia Barnes & Kelsey Bemus

After some thought and not sure how to portray our time in Germany through a video, Kelsey and I decided that our final project would be a photo essay. Cameras were a huge part of this trip for us and everyone was taking photos so we knew we would have plenty to work with.

We decided to start with pictures from Berlin, then go to pictures of Bonn and finish with Eisenach. It only seemed fitting to start and end with a group photo. To us, this shows how close we all became throughout this experience. We all had one major thing in common: we are communication arts majors. With that being said, we are all so diverse. Some of us are journalists, photographers, designers, TV personalities, etc. This helped us all to relate to one another and be able to have an experience as a group.

So, in the words of Penni Pier, we were all creators on this trip. We spent our days walking around beautiful cities with more history than we could have imagined. We took pictures and wrote stories along with creating videos in the middle. We talked to strangers who may or may not have spoke English and we didn't know the answer to that until we said hello. This experience really opened our eyes and showed us another culture of the world. One that we would think would be similar to that of the U.S. but is different than anything we could have imagined. A country that has been knocked down and brought back to their feet. This photo essay represents an amazing trip that we will never forget.

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