Thursday, May 8, 2014

I love Berlin because...

Greetings from Deutschland!
We completed our second project in Berlin on Tuesday. "Why do you love Berlin?" That was the question we ased to complete our group's man on the street project. We approached people at the Gendermenmarkt and asked them to tell us why they love Berlin.
At first, it was a challenge working up the courage to approach strangers in a somewhat unknown country. Even though Jacque and myself(Ashley) have had experience in approaching people to talk to in front of the camera, the real challenge was not knowing how they would respond or if they would even understand what we were saying. After we started going up to people and talking to them, we discovered it wasn't all that bad and it was actually a lot of fun.
We had a lot of fun with the people we spoke to and enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. We spoke to Berlin natives, as well as people from Poland, Canada, as well as the United States. We were even able to get Labi the Bubble Man to tell us why he loves Berlin. I especially enjoyed speaking to Labi because I was able to make bubbles in place of him, while he told Jacque, Michael and Olivia why he loves Berlin. You can even see me in the background while Labi is talking on camera.
We encountered some difficulties with the audio in our video because it was new equipment for us. We have resolved this issue, so look for better quality sound in our upcoming projects. 
Overall, this was an extremely fun project and a great learning experience for everyone in our group. As I previously mentioned, approaching strangers in a different country was the most difficult for us. Once we were able to overcome that challenge, we were able to have fun meeting new people and learning the reasons why people in Berlin love the city.
Be sure to check out our video Passport to Germany: I Love Berlin and look for upcoming posts about our adventures in Germany!
Chuss! (Goodbye!)

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  1. Nice job... I can see you are having a splendid time there.. and learning so much about the culture.