Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chasing Catles

To end our time in Germany we got to spend a few days in Eisenach. This was a particularly special time because of the close ties between Wartburg and the city of Eisenach. The Wartburg Castle is literally on display everywhere in this city. It was so strange—in an epic sort of way—to walk around and see the “Wartburg” displayed on so many signs, windows and buildings.

The tour we took of the castle was awesome, but my favorite part of our visit to the castle was filming the Wartburg Choir.  It was so great to be able to share these experiences not only with our group but also with the Wartburg Choir.  The castle is beautiful and as a result provided some pretty wonderful camera shots for our video and the actual performance by the choir was pretty spectacular also.
The Wartburg Castle on a hill in the distance

We were not content to let the adventure end there. Our castle chasing days were just about to begin. Back tracking a little bit—the train ride from Bonn to Eisenach was quite scenic and striking.  One of the reasons for this was because of the many castles that dotted the German countryside. It was strange for me to see castles just chilling on the top of some random hill. As a result of this I was determined to discover another castle up close while in Germany.

                                                                    German countryside

Though it wasn’t really another castle we discovered (we were told it was a church administration building)—it was definitely close enough for me.  What made it even better was that no one was there to tell us we couldn’t claim it as our own. So, just so we are clear, Michael, Olivia, Alyssa and I call dibs on this castle. While I will be happy to help you on your own conquest for a castle this one is ours.

Staking claim to our newly discovered castle

This free day was just what I needed to bring my Germany experience to a close. I have absolutely loved every second of this adventure. I wouldn’t trade any of the memories (happy or otherwise). I am so thankful for the relationships I have formed. I don’t know how I am going to adjust back to not spending every second of the day with this group. Huge thank you to Professor Bockenstedt and Dr. Pier for giving all of us students such a great time! This is truly a May term I will never forget.

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