Thursday, May 15, 2014

What do Germans think of Americans

This past week we have been in the cities of Cologne and Bonn. Last Friday we were greeted at the airport by 5 German students that said free hugs for Wartburg students. The German students are very nice and easy to get along with. This week has been a very fun and eventful week.

The German students also planned out our whole time that we have been here. They planned places to see, where to eat, what to do, and of course shopping. The week started with a dinner at the college where the German students go. They each prepared a side for the dinner, all the food was delicious and I ate so much. While at the dinner we were able to get to know each other. I got to know a lot more about Germany from a very different perspective. It was very interesting to learn about the life of a college student from a different country.

This week we also teamed up with Germans to work on projects and put together a news/talk show. My group looked at stereotypes that Germans has of Americans. So the Germans of our group went out and interviewed people on the streets to see what people has to say. Most of the stuff people had to say was surprisingly true. People associated burgers with us as well as being patriotic and more.

Besides our group projects we also spent time with the German students. 2 times a semester the school HBRS where the Germans prepare a party for the students. They supply food, music, and of course beer. At the beginning of the party the beer was free, and later on it only cost 1 euro. It was really cool to see that there school let them have a good time, this was also held in the school.

On Thursday after lots of hard work the 4 groups of students who had been working on projects came together to produce a show. We all had different jobs and planned the entire show by ourselves.

It was a great experience and I will miss all my new friends. I can't believe the trip is almost over, it feels like it has only begun.

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