Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bye, Bye Berlin

Our adventures here in Berlin have been nothing short of amazing. There is so much to see and explore, but what I think I like best about Berlin is that it is nothing like I have ever seen in the United States.

While I have enjoyed a hot air balloon ride, a boat tour, museum visits and of course video making, what I have loved the most is taking pictures of Berlin. The culture here is so unique and new to me. When think back to my time here I will remember three things: graffiti, vine-covered buildings and bikes.

I find the graffiti to be particularly beautiful here. I think what makes it so cool is that it is literally ingrained into the architecture in Berlin. You can't walk down the street and not see something decorated in big bright letters. Here it doesn't look dirty or like vandalism--it looks like art. I love that.

While I have always been a sucker for vine-covered buildings, the ones in Berlin are of particular interest to me. Maybe it is because they tend to be covered in vines and graffiti (and as mentioned above that is pretty epic!). Whatever the case, this mixture makes for some pretty wonderful pictures.

I mean, bikes are bikes. they generally aren't that interesting. For some reason, I find the bikes in Berlin to be so full of character. They are everywhere here. People don't just ride them, they literally leave them everywhere!

In my limited experience with this city, I have found it to be an absolute amazing backdrop for some photography sessions. There is so much to do here, but I have found the most joy in simply walking around and enjoying the beauty that you can't help but notice all around you. Berlin has allowed me to foster my creativity and so I can't help but miss this place already as I wave goodbye to Berlin and hello to Bonn, Germany!

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