Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rain, rain go away...

Greetings from HBRS (the university we are partnered with)!

When we arrived in Bonn on Friday, some of the students greeted us with free hugs. Afterwards, we got escorted to the hotel by the students and started to get to know them. We arrived at the university and had a BBQ with all the students and professors. Later that day, the students told us what their project ideas were and that is when all the fun started.

The sign of the school.

We split up into four groups, half Americans and half Germans. My group consists of Kelsey Bemus, Ryan Jorgenson, Lisa Eidam, and Sandra and Anna Balgheim. The three German students had thought of the idea to find out what stereotypes Germans have on Americans. So far, our group has gotten a lot done in the short time.

Besides working on our group projects, the students have also taken us on tours of Bonn and Cologne. (Yes I did buy cologne in Cologne!) We also have seen many beautiful sites around these two cities. The Cathedral in Cologne was beautiful of what we saw. Sadly, there was a church service going on so we did not get to walk all the way through it. We also have gotten to see the cities from the tallest points. Unfortunately, this is where my title of the post comes in.

It has rained every day so far which takes away from focusing on the amazing views and just enjoying ourselves. The group has found out that carrying an umbrella everywhere will definitely come in handy some time during the day. Strangely, it feels as the it will rain for approximately 20 seconds and then be sunny again. This pattern goes on for pretty much the whole day. The saying "If you don't clear your plates, it will rain" seems true considering I do not eat a lot.

Overall, this week has been a great experience. I have enjoyed spending time with not only my class but the students from HBRS as well. Everyone has been friendly and willing to do what the entire group wants to do. The only complaint I have right now is: make the rain go away!!!

The professor of the HBRS students.

just a casual selfie.

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