Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yes we only speak English

Yes we only speak English 

Out next destination was Saint Augustine to meet up with our HBRS friends! We were surprised to be greeted so nicely with smiles, hugs and a large sign to welcome us. 

Throughout the week we worked together to produce a show which ended up being called Germerica. The show's main focus was to provide viewers with more information about German and American cliches, also sharing what we had in common between both of our cultures. It was fun and interesting to see how the education system worked in Germany. One of the biggest differences that I found was that German students have little to no tuition fees. From that standpoint I'm a jealous guy. 

I don't know what we would have done in Bonn and Koln without these HBRS students. We always began the day with at least one of them greeting us at the hotel always ready to cart is around for the day.

My favorite sights that we saw in Bonn and koln were by far the Koln Cathedral and Beethoven's house. 

The Koln Cathedral was a jaw dropping sight. It was an amazing mix of intricate gothic architecture. There were so many little sculptures to look at that I could have easily missed if I had not taken a step back to ponder of what was in front of my eyes. It was shocking to imagine the sculpter and the amount of work they went through to produce their art on this building. 

Beethoven's house wasn't much but it was pretty meaningful to me, a guy who is very passionate about music. For a giy as important as Beethoven it was shocking to me that his home was just on a busy street next to cafés looking like any other building. If Steffan wouldn't have pointed it out to me I probably wouldn't have even noticed it was his house.

 Even though it was very difficult to type any word with the letter Y in it I still had such a great life changing time hanging out with my German pals.

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