Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Wartburg Napkin

The Wartburg Napkin

Well here it is, the final stretch of the trip. Seeing Eisenach and the Wartburg castle was what I was looking forward to the entire trip. And what a beautiful sight it was.

I'm so glad our college's roots are dug deep into the history of Germany. I feel so fortunate to have walked the same path Martian Luther and Saint Elizabeth. Without these two individuals life would be so much different.
At the top of the castle's tower it was so peaceful. Looking out into Esinach's forests gave me an opporitunity to be thankful to have found such a great college. The breathtaking view was an opporitunity I could never pass up. It was so quiet and calm. I remember thinking how big and old the world is. I was thinking of everyone at home back in Iowa and it was very cool to think of how far we have come on the trip. I also thought of my faith and how powerful God is to make a world as large and as beautiful as this. The view reminded me of something I would imagine while reading a book. It was unreal. 

And to answer your question, of coarse I brought a Wartburg Mensa napkin! Just before the trip I remembered to stuff about 20 of these in my luggage. Worth it. I noticed the picture on the napkin was a little out of place but then learned that the napkin's picture was hand drawn. Mission accomplished. 

I would also like to congratulate the wartbug choir on an amazing performance. What an opporitunity to bring the two sister cities together. I'm very proud of our wartburg choir. They had such a moving performance that they made multiple audience members tear up. 

Until next time Germany! 
Auf Wiedersehen!

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