Friday, May 9, 2014

What a Week

What a week, exhausting but exhilarating!

Berlin is such a beautiful city; I didn't want to leave this morning (being out of the hostel by 6:45 this morning didn't help either). The sites and the people make the city so vibrant and alive, almost as if it never sleeps or slows down; it continued to confirm that I want to live in a bigger city after graduating Warburg. 

One of the things that makes Berlin so amazing is that the people seem more free. They seem to have less stress and pressure; they are more chill and go with the flow.

Being in Berlin this time around was very different for me because I wasn't with family but with fellow classmates and friends. It was also different because we weren't sight seeing the entire time. At the same time, because we were filming, it made it a more memorable experience. 

Filming in Berlin was an experience to say the least especially when we had to figure out subway routes carrying all of the equipment. I really enjoyed filming in Berlin though because for us it was a new challenge; it pushed us to make our videos even better.

While I will miss being in Berlin, I am so excited to be in Bonn working with the HBRS students. It will be an opportunity for us to combine our views on journalism and make a video that will be unique for all of us. 

Here's to another great week with great people and new adventures!

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