Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brandenburg Gate Video

Hello from Germany!  This is a video our group made while here.  Our group consists of me (Jacque), Ashley, Olivia, and Mike.  Our assignment was to go to a landmark, find out some interesting facts about it, and the people at it.  We decided to go to the Brandenburg Gate and do a story about the horses and carriages that give rides to people visiting.

Our first challenge was figuring out the subway system, but we did and soon we were on our way.
When we walked up the steps from the subway, we saw crowds of people and a large stage.  Our plan for the day then changed.

We found out the people gathered were celebrating the European Union Protest Day of People with Disabilities.  Several other news stations were also doing stories, as well as a visit from the Vice President of the German Parliament.

We got the chance to listen to some music from a band which included individuals with and without special needs.  It was really fun to see so many gathered and celebrating for a good cause.

We would also like to thank Aktion Mench for the great interview and allowing us to document this wonderful event.  Along with the Protest Day, the organization was also celebrating fifty years of being an organization.

The story ended up being completely different than our original plan, but we were definitely happy with what happened. We learned a great lesson during this day: plans change and it is important to be able to go with the flow. We were forced to change on the fly but ended up getting a much more interesting story.

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