Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A different way to see Berlin

While sightseeing had been great in Berlin, I have to say that I was getting a little tired of so much walking.

So, when a small group of us decided to take a boat tour on the Berlin River last Wednesday, I was more than willing to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenes along the city's waterway. 

The group that decided to go included myself, Alyssa Kozak, Caitlin Harbach, Simon Sager, Amanda Groff, and Ryan Jorgenson. We started out on our journey late afternoon, and first had to attempt to find the loading dock (one of many direction challenges we have faced while here!). 

It didn't take too long to find it, but we ran into a problem when we got there. It turns out there are two different boat tours that leave from the dock and we could only get on one with our pass. Of course, the one we needed had just left, so we had to wait around a bit. But this wasn't a problem, and soon enough we were off. 

While on the tour, we saw the sights of both the former East and West parts of Berlin. We were all amazed by the difference in the two sides. The architecture of the West is so much more industrial, and it is more scenic in the East. We enjoyed passing museum island, as well as the Bundestag (comparable to our capitol building in the U.S.). 

While these two buildings were probably the prettiest that we saw, I still enjoyed all the little shops/restaurants/parks that we rode by. One of my favorite things about the tour was seeing all the people of Berlin along the way. 

After about an hour, the boat headed back for shore and we departed. We all agreed that while we did not see some of the more well-known attractions on the tour (simply because they aren't near the river), it was a great way to just sit back and listen as the guides tell you all about the history of various sites along the river (And don't worry, they speak in English as well!) 

Here are a few photos to enjoy!

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