Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It’s not about the places you go, but the people you meet along the way.

Well, we survived our Advanced Production May term class in Germany! We have made it back to the United States… barely. I did make it through customs successfully, though!

It certainly has been an extraordinary trip with many ups and a few downs. But the ups have more than overpowered the few downs that we encountered.

Besides getting semi-lost upon our first arrival in Berlin and the few “oops” moments that happened to me during the trip (which I mentioned in my previous blog post), our flight home also faced some difficulties.

All while at the airport in Newark, New Jersey we found out our flight from Chicago to Cedar Rapids was cancelled, so we had to make quick decisions as to how we were going to get back to Iowa. We ended up booking a new and much later flight from Newark to Des Moines, which, even though a lot of us just wanted to get home, looking back, it was nice to get to spend a few extra hours together as a group.

My sleepy friends on the airplane ride home :)

Besides the few “downs,” which didn’t even really faze any of us at all, I would say overall the trip was a great one and I loved every second of it!

Thinking back on all that we did and all the sights we visited, the people we encountered and met throughout the trip are definitely what made it so enjoyable. It really wasn’t about those places we went to or the things we bought that made the trip so memorable, but about the friendships we created and the people who made our stay in Deutschland unforgettable.

Our final night we spent in Berlin… not at the Generator Hostel, unfortunately, but Jess, Ryan and I did go back there to visit. We ended up getting a free drink and we each go a free pair of Jagermeister sunglasses. The rose guy also came in and gave me a free rose. It felt good to be back in a familiar area with familiar people. The Generator really felt like my home away from home and I was really sad to leave there.

My bartender friends Jess and Dirk at the Generator Hostel's bar!

Before we headed back to our hotel, we decided to get some food at Kebab Baba’s. Not only did we get some delicious food, but I also got proposed to there by Ali, the guy working at Kebab Baba’s. Mom and dad – don’t worry, I said no, so I won’t be bringing home a strange man.

All in all, I had an amazing time exploring, not just a small portion of the world outside of the United States, but also a place that makes up a large portion of my family’s roots.

So to break it down –
What I’ll miss in Germany: the people, the beer, all the bikes, the historical buildings, the people, Labi the bubble man, the Generator Hostel, Eisenach’s rolling hills, oh, and did I mention the people?

What I won’t miss: Berlin’s distinct smells, all the bikers, public transit, cobblestone sidewalks, crazy taxi drivers, not understanding what people are saying, not being able to read a menu or anything really, paying for water, paying to use the restroom (sorry, the toiletten), and just the significantly higher price of everything in Germany.

The beautiful Eisenach land.

The Wartburg Castle.

But most of all, even though I know we all probably got on each other’s nerves more times than not, I will really miss being all together with all the amazing students and professors which I was fortunate enough to go on this trip with.

So thank you Dr. Penni Pier and Professor Travis Bockenstedt, I know you really went above and beyond for us, and then even further beyond that to make this trip happen, and I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for the two of you! And to my fellow classmates, thank you for making this trip so much fun! If it weren’t for each and every one of you, I definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed myself as much as I did.

We managed to squeeze into a tiny random Photo Booth.

Elevator selfie!

And Germany, thank you for making my first experience out of the USA an unforgettable one. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later! :)

All my best,

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