Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fun in the Sky


My experiences so far in Berlin have been great. My group (Kelsey, Simon, Caitlin) have mastered the sub way system after a short 24 hours. Today (Wednesday) we discovered the bus system. It was very interesting.

Each day we have been on our own doing different challenges. By doing these challenges we have to travel throughout Berlin and discovering cool areas. On Monday, we faced our first challenge of finding something interesting for tourists. My group decided to go to the Topography of Terror as you can see in another post on this site. Although this site was a great place to learn about the Nazis, the attraction we discovered before-hand made the experience even better.

So what did we discover? A hot air balloon! At first we were a bit skeptical and did not think we could go up in it, but soon we found out we could. By having our student ID's, we got a ticket for 15 euros while the regular ticket price was 20 euros. It was definitely worth it. For about 15 minutes, you get to view the beautiful city of Berlin and all of its key symbols at the height of about 15,000 feet. It was a great experience that could not be shown in pictures. It was a little rough taking off, but hold onto the railing. We all found that one out the hard way. Now for those of you who are afraid of heights, it will be okay. The hot air balloon is attached to the ground by a sturdy rope/wire. Also, the basket or place you stand/walk around in is all caged with no chance of you slipping. It is a safe environment, even for those who are afraid.

After touring for a couple days, I still think that morning was the best morning of the trip. Stay tuned to the Passport to Germany Blog for more tourist destinations, blogs from others on the trip and videos.


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