Friday, May 9, 2014

Over the Pond

Travel is something I have always dreamed of. Whether it be traveling by car, boat, airplane, or by foot, travel gives a new, rich perspective to life and culture.

Things are different here in Germany compared to the United States. Germany is a place where pull doors push, where toilets are water showers, where beer is cheaper than water, and where curry is used as often as the metro. 
Sure I have a different style then Germans, but there is always a common bond between people no matter where you live. 

Berlin is a place filled with history. Imagine cobblestone sidewalks, buildings tossed in graffiti, and outside of the concrete boundaries of the city lies a beautiful green landscape. 

Just by walking along the cobblestone for a few blocks I found graffiti, broken walls from WWII, museums, cathedrals, and even the chancellors house. 

I spent most of my days in Berlin focuses on photography and video. I even transformed into a super tourist when I planked to get a specific shot.

Most monuments have been very interesting and if not they have just been extremely picture worthy.

Berlin is historically stern. The city shows a past of pride, confusion, and rebellion. But traveling In 2014 I can see how developed Berlin has become since WWII and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Laws and standards are changing constantly in a healthy direction. 

Above is a picture of Aktion Mensch's director of communication, Christina Marx. Aktion Mensch can be compared to America's special Olympics. My group and I got a chance to interview her for one of our project days and learned a lot about their program.

We all have been learning so much on this trip already and I can't wait to see what the rest holds in store for us! 

I will end with a picture of Joachim Zeller. A man who can be found on almost every single light post in Berlin. Haha props to you Joachim.

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