Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catch Me If You Can

Today was the day we were all waiting for: GOING HOME. While we were all having the time of our lives in Germany, it gets to the point where you are ready to see your parents, friends and to sleep in your own bed.

Our day started out like any other; we woke up early, packed and got to the airport. The first flight was a but long but went off without a hitch, just a little turbulence. It was long enough where I got in three movies and four episodes of Big Bang Theory.

Entering the United States wasn't so bad either. We got through passport control and customs in one piece and everyone's luggage arrived.

Walking though Newark Airport we were all feeling good; excitement for home was building. Getting to the gate for our connecting flight to Chicago was where the trouble began.

We learned that our flight from Chicago to Cedar Rapids had been canceled, enter stress. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous seeing as my car is in Cedar Rapids and didn't know how I was going to get it.

In a short span of time, I made more phone calls and got more out of my phone plan than I think I ever have.

Thank goodness for Travis, we caught a flight from Newark to Des Moines and thanks to Jesse Kielman's mom, a ride to Waverly.

While the day didn't go exactly as planned,we learned that being flexible during travel is important because you never know what things my happen.

I want to thank Penni and Travis for this amazing opportunity and leading such a wonderful trip. I can't wait to go on the 2016 trip and make even more amazing memories!
We have arrived in Des Moines!

Waiting 8 hours for our flight to Des Moines.

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