Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Face Time

Approaching strangers is hard enough, however it's a different story if those people barely speak English or don't at all. This project is "Man On the Street," and today we were on the streets of Berlin asking everyone the same question, describe your Berlin. 

If you're shy, bashful or scared of people, this project would not be for you as we were shot down at least half a dozen times. It was the same word that got people over and over. As soon as people heard "video" we got an instant no. 

So we had to switch up our approach. When we went up to people we first started off by saying we are doing a project for class, that actually got people interested in what we were doing. Most of the people we interviewed seemed nervous until they started talking and then said more then we thought they would.

 Marios, a resident of Germany, first had said he would say a couple sentences, he actually talked the most out of all our people and was very helpful. We interviewed eight people altogether.

Honestly, we didn't think it would be as easy, or go as smoothly as it did. This was a great experience, not only because we worked on a project but because we got to meet a variety of people. From here in Germany, to other countries like Denmark, and China, each person had something different to say about Berlin and we thought it was very interesting to learn what people thought of the city. 

To view our video, please go to the Wartburg College Communication Arts Facebook or YouTube pages. Hope you enjoy, "Describe Your Berlin."

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